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Tips to remodelate the bathroom of your home

Over the years, it is normal for us to end up getting tired of using the same bathroom every day. So a bathroom remodelation is always on the wish list of every family.

And the bathroom, along with the kitchen, is always the most renovated room in many homes. Not only because of the boredom that can cause us to see the same bathroom every day (Especially if it has become outdated or the style and finishes are not the best) also because of the deterioration and wear caused by continued use and high humidity, which makes all these facilities require deeper maintenance.

Performing a integral renovation of the bathroom can cause many doubts and headaches if it is not done correctly. The best solution to make a perfect change in your bathrooms is to have a company of integral renovations and interior design of confidence like ours. In Sanisans we have been doing bathroom renovations in Barcelona and other home renovations for over 60 years.

In our article today, we have prepared for you a list of 5 tricks and tips that can be very useful for you to understand and have a global idea of ​​how to remodelate the bathroom of your house.

Take note!

5 Tips and ideas to make your bathroom renovation a success

1. Plan the renovation well

Obviously, the first thing we have to be clear about is how we want our new bathroom to be. We must know all our needs and what we want to achieve with the new renovation.

Is it a bathroom for one person or for a family with children? Is it the guest bathroom or is it the only one in the house? Shower or bath? With bidet or without bidet? What is our available budget? ... Answering all these questions is a very important first step in preparing the renovation.

2. Choose the best possible materials

The correct choice of materials to be used in the renovation is a vital step that should not be taken lightly. For the floors and coverings of the new bathroom, materials resistant to damp and various cleaning products should be chosen.

Ceramics is one of the most used materials due to its incredible properties and the wide variety of styles that exist for tiles. However, there are endless high quality materials that can be just what your new bathroom needs: Marble, glass, wood (natural or artificial), natural stone, porcelain stoneware ... To choose the right material for your bathroom You must take into account important factors such as: Your budget, location, resistance and aesthetics of the new bathroom.

3. Do not fall into the temptation of colors

Many people cause this error when renovating a bathroom: Excess colors. At first, taking a risk with a bright color palette or the favorite color of the little ones in the house may seem like an original idea. However, keep in mind that the bathroom will be used every day for years to come, so it is very likely that you will end up tired of this color, especially if it is very striking.

At Sanisans, we recommend using neutral colors playing with whites and grays. From time to time, adding a more striking color in a timely manner can be a differentiating and attractive touch, but that color should never stand out too much. One tip: use white on walls and ceilings, a darker gray for the floor and add a little color in the shower or bathtub area.

4. The importance of the mirror

At first glance, the mirror may not have much importance in the renovation of your bathroom. But a good mirror can be essential to achieve a magazine bath.

Keep in mind that we spend most of our time in the bathroom looking at ourselves in the mirror (When we brush our teeth, comb our hair or wash our hands or face). In addition, a mirror can be the ideal solution to give a feeling of more space in small bathrooms. Choose the mirror carefully and consider the position, height and lighting.

5. Space and storage savings available

A bathroom requires many accessories and complements: Combs, creams, towels and towel rails, brushes, creams, toothpaste, brushes ... Many times our bathroom is not as big as we would like and all our utensils end up scattered by everyone sides. It is very important to define the use that will be given to the new bathroom and choose accordingly the furniture and shelves we need.

A tip to save space: Use towel radiators. This type of furniture fulfills two basic functions in every bathroom: Heat the bathroom and hold the multiple towels needed when leaving a good shower or relaxing bath. In addition, aesthetically give a very modern touch to any bathroom.

These are just some of the many tips we can give you for the renovation of your bathroom. Do you also need a integral remodelation of your bathroom in Barcelona?

Do not hesitate, trust Sanisans, your renovation company in Barcelona, and get the bathroom of your dreams to reality.